Bad Boys – Special Edition

Bad Boys – Special Edition


Martin Lawrence, Will Smith, T+ªa Leoni. A fast-paced comedy/action film about two Miami cops on a hunt for a million dollars in heroin. 1995/color/119 min/R/widescreen.

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Blockbuster star Will Smith and comedian Martin Lawrence shoot rapid-fire lines and bullets in this cop caper directed by action director Michael Bay. Mike Lowry (Smith) is a smooth-talking ladies man and Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) is happily married to his job as well as his wife. As partners in the narcotics division of the Miami police department, they have a reputation as two cops who don’t play by the rules. When two pallets full of seized heroin are stolen from the police station, Mike and Marcus are put on the case. A girlfriend of Mike’s gets caught in the crossfire and her roommate, Julie (Téa Leoni), becomes a material witness. She calls the police pleading only to talk to Mike. Mike isn’t around so to convince her to cooperate, Marcus assumes Mike’s identity, complicating matters as the trio take down the bad guys.

There’s plenty of pyrotechnics for the special-effects fans, complicated gun battle choreography, and a large-scale dance-club scene complete with exotic dancers–a device that’s becoming some what of a recurring charter in films directed by Bay. Lawrence and Smith (who had yet been elevated to multimillion dollar box-office status) deliver with comedic, foul-mouthed finesse. Téa Leoni gives a strong performance as Julie, and Bad Boys also has good supporting roles from Theresa Randle (SpawnThe Big Hit) as Marcus’s neglected wife and Tchéky Karyo (Addicted to Love) as the mastermind behind the heist.


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