The Andy Griffith Show – Best of Barney

The Andy Griffith Show – Best of Barney


The Andy Griffith Show – The Best of Barney (1960)

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The main thing I noticed about this set is that the image is DARK. I’ve got a few other Andy Griffith sets, and they all look better than this one. The sound is good, however, and in my opinion it’s hard to call anything with Barney bad! It’s inexplicable to me that they ditched the original theme music and replaced it with some lame synthesizer track. But I guess that doesn’t ruin it entirely. Here are the episodes:

* High Noon in Mayberry – An ex-convict returns to settle the score with Andy.

* The Great Filling Station Robbery – Barney tries modern criminal detection methods.

* The Rivals – Barney attempts to teach Opie the ways of women.

* Dogs, Dogs, Dogs – A pack of stray dogs make the courthouse home.

* The Loaded Goat – A farmer’s goat makes a menacing mean of dynamite.

* Barney’s First Car – A little old lady sells Barney a lemon.

* A wife for Andy – Barney goes fishing for a wife for Andy.

* The Big House – Two big city convicts do time at “The Rock.”


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