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Website Maintenance Program

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Product Description

Did you know that your website content is stored in files and/or a Databases on a hosting server? What happens when the hosting server has been compromised?  Hosting servers can be comprised by hardware and/or software malfunctions, cyber attacks, viruses, and the list goes on.  You run the risk of losing your entire website including all of your content, images and blog postings forever.  

In order to keep your website safe, your hosting provider recommends you perform your own website backup in addition to their backups.  We understand you may not have the time to make the necessary backup of your website.

QDesigns Website Maintenance Program provides website backups allowing you more time to focus on your business.  The backup of all website files are kept in a secure location off the internet.  If you are running a WordPress website, we will perform updates on all of your plugins, themes, and WordPress software.

Website Maintenance Program includes:

  • Weekly Database backup
  • Monthly Backup of all Website Files
  • Quarterly WordPress/Plugins/Theme update
    • Backup Database
    • Backup Site Files
    • Backup Plugin Files – WordPress Sites
    • Update Plugins – WordPress Sites
    • Update Theme – WordPress Sites
    • Update WordPress Software to newest version

The price is set for a monthly payment due the 1st of each month.


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