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John Huffman, QDesigns Owner & Web Designer

Hi! I am John. I will be your your website designer, I am excited that you have decided to stopped by. Here are some tidbits about me. I designed my first website in 2001. I thought it was the coolest thing ever to be able to have my own website and be able to put my pictures on the World Wide Web for all to see. Now I enjoy designing and developing websites for others.  Website design is both a art and a science.  As your designer, I focus on three areas when designing websites:

  • First Impressions -  The websites I build need to be impressive.  Individuals will decide in the first few seconds based on the look of the website if they will stay or go.
  • Content -  Quality of the content is important to ensure the customer finds what he/she are looking for.  The whole reason a customer may land on a specific webpage is because he/she are looking for useful information/product to satisfy their needs.
  • Keywords -  Keep the words simple.  Know what your customers are searching for in the market.  Customers are not searching for Hi-Fi glory marketing words.

My goal with this approach is to give my customers not only a website that is impressive but will do well with the big search engines.  I am always happy to see when the websites I have design does well on the web.  If my customer succeeds with their website then that means I have done my job well and I have succeeded to meet my goals.

My background is in business and computer science. I have an MBA from West Virginia Wesleyan College and currently taking courses at Harvard University extension school. Besides designing websites, I enjoy teaching college courses. I have taught several computer and business classes for West Virginia Wesleyan College, Fairmont State University, and Kaplan University – Hagerstown. I have been very successful in my career winning several customer service awards and creativity awards. My motto is “Quality Customer Service First with Integrity!

I can’t wait to build your next AWESOME website!


John Huffman